“If you are pregnant and having a second thoughts about having a doula, don’t think twice. It’s the best gift you can give yourself. With Maya by your side, you will–be able to experience the greatest adventure that life gave you as a whole. I for sure will have Maya beside me for every pregnancy that I might have in the future, there is no doubt about it at all.” — Chen Ben Shabat-Levi


“When having my first baby, I decided to go with a doula. I was so happy that I met Maya, we connected immediately through the phone, I could feel the calmness, help and professionalism. Maya teamed up with the medical staff and cooperated closely. It was finally a successful and easy birth.” — Nili Kalfa 


“My experiencewith Maya .... a very professional and confident doula, she is young but knows a lot !!!! she was helping me, guiding and explaining , her knowledge helped me to relax and understand what I'm going through… Couldn't do it without Maya , she was all the time to my side !!!” — Hodaya Abarbanel


“I cannot describe in words how much of a help Maya was for me in the moment of truth. I was having contractions all night. Maya came to my house at 2 AM directly from another birth she attended. Right away she started making sure I was comfortable and was thinking of ways to ease my pain. Maya held me and talked me through the car ride to the hospital keeping me in a calm state throughout the process. (Not an easy task!) Her massage skills also helped relax me during high pressure contractions. She was very pleasant to work with and I recommend her with the highest confidence.” — Sarit


“I recommend Maya wholeheartedly for many reasons. She has a very natural, loving, adoptable personality . She was there for me any time I called her. I can't thank her enough for walking me through labor without epidural, it was my first time giving birth without it and I felt so much better afterwards, but could never do it alone, she made me realize how strong I am!” — Shanit


“Maya helped me feel confident and special, told me I can have the baby without any medication, that I had the power to pass without any pain. Even with contractions she taught me how to breath correctly and control every contraction. At the hospital, in my mind, I felt that I was in a different beautiful place surrounded by flowers. She knew how to take me there mentally. I birthed 2 babies with her by my side and I know for sure I am not going to have my next without her.” — Galit